What is EWS Certificate | How to apply for EWS Certificate! | Eligibility for EWS Certificate | How to Download EWS Certificate Form.

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The Economically Weaker Sections (EWS) are those citizens or households which is used to refer to general categories in India with an annual family income of less than 8 lakh and those citizens who are sc/poor.

What IS EWS Certificate?  How to apply for EWS Certificate?

The Modi government recently made an announcement regarding EWS scheme. Under this scheme, the weaker sections in the general category will also get the benefit of reservation. The Central and State Governments continue to provide many jobs. In which you will get the benefit of reservation financially.

The central government has recently introduced a 10% reservation quota for the Economically Weaker Section (EWS) among general category candidates in government jobs and educational institutions. However, many EWS are uncertain about reservation eligibility.

Now, the citizens of STs, SCs, and OBCs, as well as the general category of citizens, can also avail of reservation. Reservation will also be provided to general category citizens. Some rules and laws have been framed by the Government to provide reservation to the general category. Only those who follow the general category can avail of this reservation system.


The whole process of getting an EWS certificate 

Under this reservation scheme, general category citizens will be provided the benefit of reservation only on the basis of economic status. Citizens who are economically weaker and general category citizens will be given the benefit of 10% reservation. In order to get the benefit of reservation, the poor citizens of the general class have to prove that they are really economically weak and they should be given the benefit of reservation.


The Government of India has put in place a procedure for issuing EWS certificates to check the eligibility of all economically weaker citizens of the general category and to provide benefits to them. All eligible citizens can avail of reservation system through EWS form.

How to create an EWS Certificate? What do you need to do to create a 10 percent reservation certificate?


Eligibility for obtaining EWS Certificate –

  • You should be a General category Candidate.
  • Your family income should be less than 8 lakh.
  • The agricultural land area of the family should be less than 5 acres.
  • Your family residential flat area should be less than 1000 sq ft.
  • Residential plot area of the family should be less than 100 sq m (notified municipalities)
  • Residential plot area of the family should be less than 200 sq m (other than notified municipalities)
The total annual income of the family to become an EWS certificate should be less than 800,000. The annual income of all the working members of the family will be added to the annual 800000. Besides, all the sources of income of family-like farming, business, job, house rent, etc., will also be added to it.


Which members of the family will be income-linked?

  • Your own income
  • Your parents’ income
  • Income of your siblings who are single
  • Spouse Income
  • And your children’s opinions (unmarried)


Documents required to create (EWS) certificates –

  • Aadhaar Card
  • income certificate
  • PAN Card
  • BPL Ration Card
  • bank statement
  • self-declaration


How to apply for EWS Certificate?

  • Download the EWS Certificate Form.
  • Fill in all the necessary details.
  • Attach the required document and a refreshing passport-sized picture.
  • Contact your nearest tehsildar office or block development office.
  • If you have OT waiting for a few days, they will verify your details. If they find it correct, they will create EWS certificates.

Download EWS Certificate Form . Download (EWS Form Here)

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