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How to withdraw PF amount
How to withdraw pf amount
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How to withdraw PF amount 

How to withdraw PF, Provident Fund amount, PF Money or EPF Money?

Provident Fund

The PF or Provident Fund is an amount which is also called as a pension fund or PF. It is an amount provided to the employees after retirement. It is a great financial facility or instrument which could be extremely beneficial for an employee during his/her old age.

How EPF Money can be Withdrawn?

Usually, If you are in service then you can’t withdraw your EPF Money money but if you want to withdraw your money, Then you can also apply. At First, you would have to resign from your current running job or service and then you can apply for PF (Provident Fund) withdrawal, that can only applicable after three months of the resignation of your service.

Also In emergency situations, such as hospitalization, wedding or education of your child, home renovation and repairs, you will need funds quickly. Instead of taking a loan, you can withdraw funds from your PF in full or in part. Just remember that to initiate the PF withdrawal process you will have to keep your Universal Account Number (UAN) handy.

How to withdraw pf amount?

There are two ways to withdraw the PF amount.

  • Online and
  • Offline (Submitting a withdrawal form)

Withdraw PF Amount Online in Simple Steps:-

  1. open (EPFO) website and then sign in with

    How to withdraw PF amount
    Step: 1
  2. Now go to Online service Tab and click on Claim Form-31,19 & 10C Tab in the drop-down menu.

    How to withdraw PF amount
    Step: 2
  3. In this Step from the ‘I want to apply for’ menu, choose from options such as full withdrawal, partial withdrawal or pension withdrawal.

    PF amount or EPF Money
    Step : 3
  4. Now this is the Final step, You need to Claim your Provident Fund

    Provident Fund or EPF Money
    Step: 4

NOTE: PF Money withdraw request will be forwarded to your employer for approval, So you Will Recieve your PF (Provident Fund) in 10 to 12 days. As soon as possible your Employer Approve your request as fast you will receive your pf in your bank account.

Hope this article helped you. Please don’t hesitate to share this helpful post with your friends and families. For any queries, please drop a comment.

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